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Handshake: Own your name on the Internet

Handshake enables you to truly own your online identity, which is otherwise known as your usernames and domain names. Whether it’s your Twitter and Instagram handles, your Facebook and LinkedIn usernames, or your Steam and Xbox gamertags, you don’t own any of them. If you’re using your Twitter or Facebook account to sign up for

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Guide: Setting Up a HNS-Bridge DNS Resolver & HNSD Light Client

Image from Bison Trails. This guide will walk you through setting up your own Handshake DNS Resolver that runs from your own instance of HNSD (the Handshake light client written in node.js). A self-hosted DNS resolver for Handshake will make your bridge available for anyone to open any HNS TLD/SLD on the HNS Blockchain, using any

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DexGrid, Microgrids & the Metaverse

By: Nicolas Billeaud, CEO ENTER THE DEXGRID To see the original article published by DexGrid, go here . This was cross-posted with their permission. As the world has witnessed a tremendous growth in the blockchain space, we are now at the stage where this growth should matter to everyone. While some may see it as “price

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